Here at Stony Creek Cane Corso we strive to produce the complete dog.  We breed first and foremost for the betterment of the breed with temperament and health being our primary focus.  We breed only correct, healthy dogs with a temperament to suit a family and the ability to excel in activities such as obedience, protection sports, conformation, etc.  

We are a small breeder located in rural Stony Creek, Virginia. Our dogs are our children.  They are not crated or kenneled around the clock.  They are primarily indoors with us.  They are involved and welcomed into every aspect of our day to day lives as possible.

We began our research of the cane corso in 2006.  After extensive research we purchased Vito in 2008.  We continue to do research constantly to improve our knowledge and the future of our program and of this amazing breed.

Before you decide to add a cane corso to your family please do your research.  They deserve the best homes possible.  They truly are remarkable dogs.  Anyone who commits even the smallest amount of time to researching this breed will see that they are not for everyone.  They are dominant, they snore, drool, frequently have gas, and can be a handful if not properly raised.  Please do not take the decision to add a corso to your family lightly.  We welcome any and all questions and scheduled visits.  Please feel free to contact us.

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